• introduction
Introduction Pack was sent in early July. It includes:
– map and tips for arrivals, a set of online resources and references, services and rules of the Recollets, a map of the immediate neighborhood for shopping, services, entertainment and transportation.
WEEK 1: animation workshops
 (unofficial): visit of the Dynamo exhibit Grand Palais

TUE :  Group introduction + Quick review of the Recollets/Paris rules + quick intro of the workshop concept: Why and how Animation By Design (1hr) > CLAYMATION WORKSHOP (2hr) /break/ More claymation
WED :  Overview of our WordPress tool + Overview of our OPEN VISITS program + Introduction to our PATTERNS assignment  (2hr) /break/ Visit of Centre Pompidou (2+hrs) > Open Visit
THU : Recap of Pompidou Center visit + MORPHING WORKSHOP (4-5hrs) > Open Visit
FRI : Morphing projects review + PATTERNS progress review + Quick intro of our AbD2013 Project +OBJECT ANIMATION WORKSHOP (3-5hrs) > William Kentridge night!
SAT 10am : LECTURE  by  Jesus Torres & Valerio Sannicandro. Jesus is a young maverick architect who is a long term resident at the Recollets.  Valerio is an Italian composer and sound artist who is currently based in Paris. Jesus and Valerio will meet us and each other to quickly present their work and discuss the dynamics of time/space, architecture/sound, motions/rhythms, as well as relational energies.

WEEK 2: designing with animation
• Feedbacks on William Kentridge
• Feedbacks on weekend
• Review of creators in Paris
• Further intro of our AbD2013 Project:
Create an animation ranging between 20 and 120 seconds that expresses one or more aspects of “city in motion”. This exploration should compound:
1. A FORMAL ELEMENT of the city (place, way, monument, park, etc)  and
2. A MOVING ELEMENT in the city (a human/animal, a thing, or a message)
– We aim to research and think of flows, rhythms and temporalities that are specific to Paris and especially the space(s) that you have selected.
– This project should include documentation on your research, exploration and analysis, as well as creative sketches, drawings, videos, photos writings, storyboards, diagrams and/or moodboards that can give us an idea of your aims, goals and means. Please upload key documents on the class blog.
– Conceptual opportunities are near infinite but you should focus on specific notions/topics of your choice. A project conversation will formally start with Jesus and Valerio on Saturday and will continue until the final review on August 09, with recurring progress reviews every two days.  A rough animation will be due by week’s end.
TUE : Start the “WALKING MAP”  >  Art Deco visit: Bourourllec Brothers and Vincent Paronnaud
: A WORKSHOP BY NAJI EL MIR who has been a core contributor since 2011. He brings us creative talents, technical skills and a mastery of processes. > PALAIS DE TOKYO night visit
THU : “City in Motion” diagrams  >  LECTURE by maya.rouvelle
FRI : OPEN VISITS review  >  a visit to Etapes (a magazine of design & visual culture)

week 3: project resolution 
–  Daily reviews  –  Technical workshops as needed  –  Individual visits scheduled as needed
MON : Past week recap > Reviews  //  MOVIE NIGHT with Alexis Hunot
TUE : WORKSHOP with François Vogel
WED : Evening visit to HELMO
: Projects resolution charrette
:  All projects will need to be uploaded by 10am: Review of final animation thesis and workshop recap

*week 4 (optional):
– Chill at the Recollets and/or improve projects, explore Paris and other cities in France and Europe (very cheap flights should be available)
– Visit of Fanette Mellier studio
– Erik will be on hand at the Recollets for advices and technical support. Grading will be done on August 20

– Workshop emphasis is in the first two weeks.
– Selected visits twice+ a week and will be followed by class reviews and discussions.
– We will observe shapes, patterns, buildings, spaces as well as flows, rhythm, transportation and movements—as a source of inspiration for their project(s).
– Short design lectures will explore the principles of time-based design, the basics of animation and a range of techniques.
»A few guests lecturers/studio visits and one or two screenings.
»Work in progress should be uploaded on the class website.